Saturday, March 17, 2012


A few weeks out on the road turns up the following great reads.  There must have been a bunch of western pulp readers out there in the real world as I turn up westerns at Flea Markets, Antique Stores and where ever!  These 9 all came from the same Antique Mall in the same case, nice cheap readers. 

Starting with my favorite on on the top.

Frontier Stories a Fiction House mag,  Winter 1953 the final issue, before Fiction House closed its comics and pulp door forever.  Its got a great lead novel story by Dan Cushman called Salvation Guns with awesome illustrations by Vestal.  What I like about the issue best is the cover by what looks like Alan Anderson, I would have bought that off the stands in a heartbeat!

The next one to the right is Best Western January 1953 a Red Circle Pub, a Martin Goodman  pulp with a wonderful Norm Saunders cover, action like that you can't beat.  It also has a lead novel by Lewis B Patten Called Man on the Stage, obviously the cover illustrates that.  It has a Harrison Colt novel  Trigger Trail of the XT and others.

The next one over is Big-Book Western Jan. 1953, a Popular Pub. Nice action cover, it contains 2 nice novels, No mans Guns by William Vance and, Mescalero Drums by John Jakes no less.  Looks like a great read, man, Jakes could write anything, SF, Fantasy, Mystery, and who all knows. 

Western Novels Jan. 1955 another nice Saunders cover and another Goodman Red Circle pup.Another Patton Story, Where the Backshooter Waits, 2 older reprints With plow-Hard Fists and Killer Colts by Raymond W. Porter and The gunman That God Reprieved by L L Foreman. 

Star Western  Dec. 1945 with Cold Decked by Walt Coburn, others by Harry F Olmsted and Norman A. Fox.  All good writers and have read some of this mag before.  And, the interior art looks a lot like Everett Raymond Kinstler who did a lot of comics covers and interiors over at Avon. 

44 Western July of 1945 a Popular Pub, 10 stories to boot.  Tom Roan, Gunnison Steele and Clifford D. Simak.  All look like good reads and a good action cover. 

Fifteen Western Tales Sept. 1952 A Popular Pub.  Contains 2 novelettes Bullets Wild at Bloodrun by Robert W Krepps and Devil Makes a Cowman by Charles W Tyler

Max Brands Western  March of 1953 Popular Pub, W H Scott Cover, odd that the guy wearing the star on his chest is the guy running away with the bank bag.  Very nice painting though.  Its a reprint mag with a bunch of good stories.

And Finally the Dime Western for Feb. 1949.  Gotta love the cover here and it contains Walt Coburn's Wanted!  Also George C Appell and Saten of the Sierras by Thomas Thompson. 

Am gonna jump into the Frontier Stories or the John Jakes story when I get the chance.  Oh, and the same mall contain 5 Ranch Romances from the fifties which I may have to go back and get when I can, nice pulps but like the RailRoad pulps I've been seeing a bunch of lately, not high on my list. 


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  2. Hi, Glad you enjoyed it, nice to see somebody reading this stuff. I was surprised that all the pulps were different, not a single repeat of a title. You would think if you like a certain mag, you'd get it every month, or not!? I have bought about 150 Western Story Mags form one person, they were apparently from his dad, must have liked those to keep them from the '20. Ya, never know what your gonna run into out there...Jonathan