Friday, December 23, 2011

Holiday images from the past

Here is a nice group of images from my collection of stuff, kind of gets me in the mood, maybe it does you too!
The Above original pen and ink drawing I got from Brad W. Foster, who was behind our table at one of the Chicago Comics Cons in the 80's, its dated 1985  Its a calender obviously, on the back is a note that the gal is Sandy Henson, nice ornament that. 

I bought the Foster because it reminded me a Virgil Finlay, who is one of my favorite pulp artists, his pen and ink drawing are outstanding.  He is one of his from an Astrological Mag, nice Holiday theme.  He said at one time he used his daughters as models.

Long as I'm talking about calenders, he is an Al Moore December page 1951 nice image here too!  If you can't read the caption it says:
December's queen is never mean,
But her kindness has its causes--
Would you believe the gifts she received

These 2 pages from the same calender , I'm not sure of the year or artist, nice bit of classic pin-up work, probably 50's.

Here is my last years Christmas read, had some good holiday stories and illo's too.  The art could be by Nick Eggenhoffer, he was know for great western art.  Front cover art by N F Soare. 

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  1. Eggenhofer is my favorite western artist. I highly recommend the book, EGGENHOFER, THE PULP YEARS. It shows scores of his drawings and paintings and has quite a bit about his life and dealings with WESTERN STORY MAGAZINE. Copies are not that expensive on the second hand book market.